An anesthesiologist is in charge of monitoring patients suffering from anesthesia, and he will need a capable aide by his side to help with the assorted tasks. This is where an anesthesiologist assistant comes in. The most basic job will be to check through the medical history of patients and perform all the necessary procedures before and during the operation. These include arterial and intravenous catheter insertion and checking levels of anesthetic every minute. An anesthesiologist assistant is a vital member of the team for anesthesia care, as he has to be readily available when emergency cases arise. The anesthesiologist assistant salary has been growing over the last few years.


The title of the position makes the job sound menial, but the truth is that you need to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in a related course such as biology, nursing or any health-related major. You also need to be certified under the National Commission for Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants, which spans for 6 years filled with ongoing education and rigorous examinations. This will have to be accomplished in order to achieve the anesthesiologist assistant salary.

Work Environment:

As an anesthesiologist assistant, you will be assigned under a full-fledged anesthesiologist. Hence, your work environment will depend on where your superior is based in. In the most common case, your work location will be in a huge medical centre or hospital which offers surgical processes such as neurosurgery and organ transplants. The average working hours is around 40 hours, excluding possible overtime and activation for urgent care cases. This will also influence the anesthesiologist assistant salary rate. However, it is entirely possible that you will be stationed at a medical facility of a significantly smaller scale, and your main job will still be to provide assistance for any legal anesthesiologist.

Anesthesiologist Assistant Salary Information:

You will be paid a very high anesthesiologist assistant salary for being an anesthesiologist assistant. The anesthesiologist assistant salary usually starts from $95,000 per annum for fresh graduates. As you become more experienced in the job, you can expect a pay rise to as high as $180,000 for the anesthesiologist assistant salary. As there is a growing demand for assistants who are knowledgeable enough to aid the various health practitioners in their duty to diagnose and carry out surgical procedures, attractive remunerations are constantly being offered to those who are specialized in the field of anesthesia.

Anesthesiologists need to devote their undivided attention when administering anesthesia to patients, so they will require the valuable assistance of an aide who can provide great support. You can consider stepping into the world of being an anesthesiologist assistant if you wish to lend a helping hand to the noble anesthesiologists and earn a substantial anesthesiologist assistant salary. After all, the anesthesiologist assistant salary is good and the satisfaction of aiding patients is second to none.

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